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Changle KangSheng Co., Ltd

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Update time : 2018-06-01 10:48:00

Changle KangSheng Co., Ltd is an established mesh fabric producer in China, we have license to produce various kind of warp weaving mesh and tulle fabric. We also have an in-house research and development team to cater for all our customer needs. Our factory is in Changle district, Fujian Province, China, a hub famous for producing mesh fabric in southern region, China.
We produce various kind of warp knitting mesh fabric series for factory/industrial, commercial, and individual use. Our mesh and tulle fabric are most commonly use as bonding and backing inner layering for support., wedding gown., layering skirts., tutu., lingerie., ladies evening dress., party dress., children dress., embroidery, florist bouquet wrapping., gift wrapping., stage costume., stage decoration., mosquito netting., home curtain., uphostery., cap and toys industry etc.
We also cater for pleating, flocking, hot stamping, gold and silver spay and more services on the mesh fabric itself.